Do you often think how to clean carpets without a machine or how to clean carpets at home without a machine? Well thinking in such way is obvious. There’s a wide range of carpets available in global market, carpet cleaning is hassling & confusing as buying a new carpet.


Every profession has its own inside technique & terminology and when it comes to cleaning carpet techniques & methods vary from carpet to carpet. Let’s check out 12 secret of carpet cleaning that’re emphatic & can assist if you’re planning to clean the carpets of your own.

Browning – this process is executed when stains fade the colors of carpet due to soil residue, dark color stains rise to the carpet surface.

Builder: not every cleaning solution is eco-friendly, elements added to cleaning solution should be eco-friendly that soften water as well as boost cleaning aspect.

Digester: an enzyme based cleaner is used to break down or to eradicate stains and dust and also make carpets soften.

Fiber: The fundamental material used in the carpet pile, multifarious carpets are made up of fiber. About 90% of carpets are made up with synthetic fiber like nylon, natural fibers like wool, bamboo or silk are used by least people (depending on the country)


Grooming: Carpet cleaner across the globe use this terms, grooming is the term which means applying pre-treatment to the carpet using tools that don’t damage the carpet & make it smooth after the cleaning.

Nap – Carpet is laid with the nap running, professionals often clean carpet to maintain overall appearance.

Oxidizer: The standard cleaning product react with oxygen and this chemical combination is used to remove stains like coffee split, pet urine, etc. This dual chemical combination is effective on most of carpet fibers.

POG – POG (carpet-safe spotting agents) this is used to remove paint, oil, and grease.

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